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Sashco Transformation Siding & Trim Stain

Transformation Siding & Trim is a semi-transparent stain that shows off the beauty of the wood grain. Its oil in water hybrid formula has the protection of an oil-base stain with easy water clean-up. In addition to siding and trim, it can be also be used on decks, fences and interiors.

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Transformation Siding & Trim by Sashco is a semi-transparent stain for wood siding, trim, decks, and fences. Based on a stain formula originally created for the extreme requirements of log homes, Transformation Siding & Trim moves and flexes with the wood to provide a protective coat in all weather conditions, while maintaining its beauty. Its rich colors and matte finish create a natural look.

The oil-in-water hybrid formula of Transformation Siding & Trim is easy to apply, and provides the protection of oil with easier clean up. With its no-peel formula, it looks beautiful year after year when it is properly applied and maintained. It can be used on both exterior and interior wood surfaces.  Transformation Siding & Trim was previously known as High Sierra.


Transformation Siding & Trim features include:

  • Beautiful finish shows off the beauty of the woodgrain
  • Rich colors and a matte finish create a natural look
  • Oil in water hybrid formula gives the protection of an oil with easy water clean-up
  • Moves and flexes with the wood to maintain a protective, beautiful finish
  • No peel formula with proper application and maintenance
  • Longer working time means less chance of lap lines

Application Guide:


Where to use:                       Wood siding, trim, decks and fences

                                                 Exterior and interior

                                                 New wood, or wood previously stained with a water-based product

Stain type:                             Oil-in-water hybrid

Sheen:                                    Matte

Coats:                                     2

Surface prep:                        Clean and dry; free of mold and mildew

Application temperature:  40°F to 90°F

Application method:           Airless sprayer or brush; back-brushing required

Clean up:                                Brushes and equipment:  When wet, use water; when dry, use

                                                 mineral spirits.

                                                 Hands: Citrus-based hand cleaners for product that dries on skin

Drying time:                          Dries to touch in 30 minutes or less in ideal weather

Maintenance:                       Light power wash and re-coat every 3 to 4 years


     1st Coat:                            150-250 sq. ft. per gallon

     2nd Coat:                           250-350 sq. ft. per gallon

     Maintenance coat:         250-350 sq. ft. per gallon

                                                Coverage varies depending on porosity of wood

Transformation Siding & Trim Colors

IMPORTANT:  Use Wet Samples to choose stain color.

Before purchasing stain, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND testing wet samples of the stain on your home in the color or colors that you are considering—for the following reasons:

  1. Stain color on your computer will look different on your home.
  2. The appearance of a stain color is affected by the wood being stained—due to factors such as wood species, texture, and porosity.
  3. Wet samples of stain are available at no or low cost.
  4. Choosing your stain color by first testing wet samples to know how it will really look on your home will ensure that you get the color that is just right for your home.


   Product Guide

   Safety Data Sheet