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Proven Products & Proven Solutions
Proven Products & Proven Solutions

Contractors:  We Understand Your Needs

Hands-on log home contractor experience: With over 20 years of hands-on experience as a Licensed Commercial and Residential Contractor specializing in log structures, our President, Matt McCraw, has been in your shoes. From writing proposals that set you apart from the competition to all types of hands-on log work, including notching logs and replacing logs and trusses, he has been there. For more information, see About Us, Photo Gallery, which includes some of the log structures Matt has worked on, and Video Gallery, which includes videos of Matt explaining some of the log work he has done.

We have what you need

• Customer leads
• Quality log products in stock
• Quality tools and equipment for log home jobs
• Same-day shipping from our warehouse
• Low prices on the products you want
• Real world answers to your toughest questions
• Hands-on training for you and your crew 

We understand questions that you may have, such as:

• What can cause a customer to prefer your proposal over lower cost proposals of others?
• Why should you normally use full-log replacements?
• What are the differences between borate-based preservatives?
• After applying oil-based stain, how long should you wait before chinking or caulking?
• When should you use a primer coat?
• Have you tested competing products to know if and when you should use them?
• How do you decide whether to recommend water-based or oil-based stain?
• Is it possible to replace a log truss without removing the roof over it?  
• Do you set up a maintenance plan for your log home customers?
• Do you follow up with past customers to recommend inspections and/or maintenance?
• When is the choice of wood species important, and when is it not so important? 

Customer Leads

We constantly have current and prospective log home owners asking for help in (1) understanding their needs and choosing the right solution, and (2) finding quality log home contractors.  We have a growing need for experienced log home contractors with good records of quality work.

We want to help you grow your business

In addition to providing contractors with (1) customer leads, (2) lowest contractor pricing, (3) a complete line of quality log home products, tools, and supplies, and (4) same day shipping from our warehouse, we want to be a resource for other areas of your business.

We know that contractors may have questions—whether (1) work-related questions, such as questions about products or skills that a contractor may not be as experienced in, or (2) business questions, such as how to prepare job proposals that will give you advantages over your competitors. Because of Matt’s experience, he is able to provide practical, real-world answers to your questions.

We also offer hands-on training for contractors at our location to help them and their crews learn and better understand work skills needed on their jobs.

Our commitment to go the extra mile to be a Total Resource for our contractors is in the best interest of all involved—customer, contractor, and Log Home Resource Center. The more we are able to help our contractors be successful, the more we are able to meet the needs of our customers. 

Please contact us with any of your contracting questions.  We are here for you!

View some of Matt's work.

Full log replacements.

Notching replacement corner log.

Log replacements.

Historic log replacements.

Historic log replacements.

Historic log replacements.

Log replacements.

Blasting with corncob media to remove stain.

Stain on the entire wall was removed by media blasting.  The lower logs were also sanded.

Log end replacement with fiberglass rods shown.

On right: Old stain.  On left: Stain was removed by chemical stain remover.

On left: Stain was removed by chemical stain remover, and logs were sanded.  On right: Stain was removed by chemical stain remover, logs were sanded, and stain was applied.

Historic log cabin:  Before restoration. 

Historic log cabin:  Chemical stain remover has been applied.

Historic log cabin:  After stain was removed with chemical stain remover.

Historic log cabin:  After restoration.

Prep for staining.




Applying chink paint.