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Sashco Capture Flex Tint Log Stain

Capture Log Stain is a premium, water-based, semi-transparent stain that combines outstanding UV protection, water repellency, breathability, and elasticity for proven durability and beauty for either exterior or interior use.

Five-gallon pails of Capture Log Stain are available in two versions: (1) traditional pre-tinted Capture, and (2) Capture Flex Tint with a 5-gallon pail of Neutral Base and a tint cartridge in your choice of all of the same colors as pre-tinted Capture.  Regardless of the version of Capture Log Stain that you choose, both will provide the same protection and beauty that has made Capture Log Stain so successful. 

Capture Flex Tint Log Stain provides the same price, color, application, and durability that you trust with traditional pre-tinted Capture Log Stain.  In addition, Capture Flex Tint has several advantages over pre-tinted Capture, as shown on the FLEX TINT ADVANTAGES page below.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON 5 GALLON PAILS of this product when purchased online and shipped to the 48 contiguous United States.

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON 5 GALLON PAILS of this product when purchased online and shipped to the 48 contiguous United States. Offer does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii. Free shipping applies to this item only—not the entire order.


Capture Log Stain by Sashco is a water-based, semi-transparent stain that allows the beauty of the woodgrain in your logs to show through.   The unique formula of Capture Log Stain makes the stain water repellent, and yet very breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape from the logs.  Capture’s excellent elasticity allows it to bridge small cracks in the wood surface, and move without cracking or peeling with natural log movement.

 Capture is an environmentally friendly stain suitable for both exterior and interior logs and other vertical wood surfaces.  For exterior use, two coats of Capture are recommended, along with a weather-repellent topcoat of Cascade Clear Coat.  For interior use, one or two coats of Capture can be used, or a coat of Capture with a topcoat of Symphony Interior Clear Coat to add depth and richness to the stain color.

 In addition to providing excellent protection for exterior log surfaces, the combination of Capture stain with Cascade clear topcoat makes maintenance easy.  When the surface has lost its sheen, simply clean the surface, and apply Cascade to bring back the just-stained look.


Sashco Capture Log Stain features include:

  • Capture Stain’s natural colors add beauty to your logs and allow the woodgrain to be seen
  • The Capture clear topcoat adds depth and character to the wood grain
  • Unique elastic formula allows stain to move freely with the logs, instead of cracking and peeling
  • Excellent protection from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun
  • Water-repellent
  • Breathable to allow moisture vapor to escape from the logs
  • Water-based
  • Easy to apply and clean up
  • Cascade clear coat makes exterior maintenance easy without darkening the finish

Capture Flex Tint Log Stain:

Sashco has developed and thoroughly tested a new technology available in 5 gallon pails of Capture Log Stain called Flex Tint.   A 5 gallon purchase of Capture Flex Tint Log Stain comes with a 5 gallon pail of Capture neutral base and a 10.5 oz Flex Tint color cartridge.  Using a standard small caulk gun, the cartridge tint is easily injected into the neutral base.  Not only does Capture Flex Tint Log Stain have the same color, durability, and application as before, but it also provides several advantages over traditional pre-tinted Capture stain.


Flex Tint Advantages:

  • Same price, color, durability, and application that you trust with traditional Capture Log Stain.
  • Easy addition of tint color with a standard caulk gun.  By emptying the tint cartridge into the neutral base using a standard caulk gun, the right amount of tint is always added to the neutral base for the right stain color every time.
  • Faster, easier mixing of stain.  One of the most common mistakes made by stain users is the failure to thoroughly mix stain prior to use.  Both traditional pre-tinted and Flex Tint versions of Capture stain need to be thoroughly mixed with a drill-driven mixer prior to use.   Mixing of Capture Flex Tint is faster than pre-tinted Capture because it is takes more time to mix the pigment that has settled over time at the bottom of the pail which is common with pre-tinted stain.
  • Easier to be sure when the color has been thoroughly mixed.  When you mix Capture Flex Tint right after adding the tint, it is easier to see when the stain is thoroughly mixed.  When mixing pre-tinted Capture, as you mix the pigment that has settled at the bottom of the pail, since the color change is gradual, it is harder to tell when you have gotten all of the pigment at the bottom thoroughly mixed.
  • Flex Tint gives you the option of adjusting the color mix for a custom color.  When you are trying to match an existing stain color, by having the option to adjust the amount of tint with Flex Tint, you have the ability to get closer to matching the existing color.  However, be aware that using less tint than recommended will diminish overall stain durability and performance.
  • Flex Tint saves money if you decide to change color.   After starting to stain, if you decide that you want a different color, since with Flex Tint you would only need to return the Flex Tint cartridges, you would save a lot of money on return freight compared to returning full 5 gallon pails of pre-tinted stain.


Mixing Instructions for Capture Flex Tint Log Stain:

  1. Remove the peel & stick label from the tint cartridge, and apply to the 5 gallon pail to indicate the stain color.
  2. Remove lid from the 5 gallon pail of Capture neutral base.
  3. Cut off the end of the tint cartridge nub.
  4. Insert the tint cartridge into a standard small caulk gun.  Engage the plunger to secure the cartridge.
  5. To empty the tint into the pail, keep pressing the caulk gun trigger until it stops.   (Note:  At this point, even though a small amount of tint will remain in the end of the cartridge, the right amount of tint for the desired stain color has already been injected into the pail.)
  6. Mix thoroughly using a drill-driven mixer for 5 to 7 minutes until tint is evenly distributed with no solids at the bottom, and no streaks or milkiness.
  7. Mix stain as needed during application, using mixer for a few seconds every 20 to 30 minutes.

Application Guide:


Where to use:                          Exterior/Interior logs and vertical woodwork

Stain type:                                Water-based

Sheen:                                       Satin

Coats:                   Exterior:     2 Capture + 1 Cascade clear topcoat 

                              Interior:      1 Capture (2nd coat is not necessary, but will give deeper color) 

                                                   1 Capture + 1-2 coats of Symphony clear topcoat (to add depth and richness to the color)        

Application temperature:    40°F to 90°F

Application method:             Airless sprayer or brush; back-brushing required

Surface prep:                          Clean and dry; free of mold and mildew

Clean up:                                 Soap and water

Drying time:                           Dries to the touch in 30 minutes in ideal weather

                                                  Retains slight tackiness until top-coated with Cascade on the exterior

Maintenance (exterior):      Light power wash and re-coat of Cascade every 2-5+ years


            1st coat:                       150-250 sq. ft. per gallon

            2nd coat:                      300-400 sq. ft. per gallon

            Maintenance coat:   300-400 sq. ft. per gallon

                                                  Coverage depends on porosity of wood

IMPORTANT:  Use Wet Samples to choose stain color.

Before purchasing stain, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND testing wet samples of the stain on your home in the color or colors that you are considering—for the following reasons:

  1. Stain color on your computer will look different on your home.
  2. The appearance of a stain color is affected by the wood being stained—due to factors such as wood species, texture, and porosity.
  3. Wet samples of stain are available at no or low cost.
  4. Choosing your stain color by first testing wet samples to know how it will really look on your home will ensure that you get the color that is just right for your home.