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Sashco Products


Log Keeper keeps your logs new from the day they were cut to the day you decide to coat them with stain. Its concentrated formula helps stop the aging process—including the excessive checking associated with rapid moisture loss after logs have been cut. Log Keeper also reduces the unwanted discoloration caused by fungi and damage caused by harmful UV rays.


Log Keeper's small size is convenient and easy to handle. It is fast-drying, non-flammable and water-based with little noxious odor. Easy to mix and use, Log Keeper can be applied with a garden sprayer or brush.

No one wants to replace logs after investing so much in their home. You shouldn't have to either. Treat your logs right from the start. When sprayed or brushed on your home, PeneTreatTM, a borate-based wood preservative, forms a shell of protection to defend against rot, most wood-destroying insects and fungi.


PeneTreatTM is a powder that is mixed with water and then applied with a brush or sprayed on with a garden sprayer. It is also EPA-approved. PeneTreatTM will not effect the color of wood, interfere with stain or caulk adhesion, and is completely odorless. Low cost and easy application make PeneTreatTM the popular choice.


IMPEL Rods offer a unique and effective preservative system for the prevention and control of internal decay in log and timber structures. They are a highly concentrated, solid form of water-diffusible borate.


IMPEL Rods are ideal for both prevention treatments of high risk areas (hot spots) and remedial treatments in areas with existing decay. They are an EPA approved, low-cost, environmentally responsible way to stop rot and decay—from the inside. IMPEL Rods are easy to use and can be applied at the time of log production, building construction or in existing structures.


IMPEL Rods install in three easy steps: (1) drill appropriate sized holes to accommodate rods; (2) insert IMPEL Rods into the holes; (3) plug the holes with a quality caulk such as Log Builder. IMPEL Rods are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your particular application.




Log Home Resource Center
P.O. Box 242776
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

1 (800) 441-1564


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