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Blue Ox has a 5/16" Hex Head with 1/2" washer and a 3/16" shank diameter. Blue Ox also has Electro Deposit Coating, is manufactured with hardened steel, and uses a unique wing design with 2-1/2" threading.

Save Time & Labor

Blue Ox makes installation fast and easy. There is no pre-drilling and is easy to remove and re-attach. The lobular drive socket ensures fast engagement and non-slip turning.

Lower Equipment Costs

The Blue Ox wing design reduces torque during drilling—significantly reducing wear and tear on drilling equipment

Enhance Your Reputation for Quality

The Blue Ox design counter-sinks easier, allowing logs to settle naturally. Strict control of the heat process allows steel to achieve optimum strength characteristics. Additional threading enhances pull out values exceeding most competitive products by 20% and increases strip out resistance. Special coating resists corrosion 30% longer than most other products per Kesternich SFW2.05 DIN50018.



Blue Max is easy to install and causes less labor fatigue. Additionally, less equipment heat transfer increases the life of the tool.

Save Time & Labor

Blue Max reduces installation time and saves labor costs. Sharp gimmlet point drills faster 7.5 threads per inch. Because there is less torque build-up, Blue Max can eliminate fastener failures. It also provides quick penetration, is waxed to speed installation, and has increased strip-out resistance and high pull-out strength.


Blue Max counter boring provides easy head seating. Large flange chamfered 1/4”, hex washer head guards against overdriving. Exclusive blue E-coat corrosion resistant coating outperforms other finishes. Blue Max is available in lengths from 6” to *16” (*special production run), has torque reducing wings, #14 diameter with wings, and rico point allows for re-use (as necessary)



Log Home Resource Center
P.O. Box 242776
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

1 (800) 441-1564


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