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Perma-Chink Systems

Application Tools

If you are working with logs, beams, or timbers, Perma-Chink Systems Fast Wing fastener gives you top performance.

Easy to install, the Fast Wing log/timber fastener speeds through the wood using its relief wings and lubricant coating to out-perform any fastener in the industry.


The Fast Wing Log & Timber Fastener uses a flat head style that counter sinks easily, has a 6 LOBE Drive, and one T-40 Driver bit per bucket. Fast Wing does not require pre-drilling, replaces the need for spikes and lags, and saves time.


Fast Wing has relief wings that keep the fastener from "camming out", is packed in plastic buckets to ease handling and assure dry product, and has a lubrication coating that reduces drill times. Tru-Kote coating (black) exceeds FM4470 corrosion standards 40 cycles of the Kesternich DIN 50018 8FW 2.0 test and a 1000 hour salt spray ASTM B117 test.

Fastener Specifications

Thread Diameter is .250, Shank Diameter is .204, and Head Style is flat.

Installation Instructions

For the best performance, use a 1/2" high torque drill with 450 RPM's that counter-sink no more than 1/2 inch.

A machine that provides
a mechanical method of applying large quantities of Perma-Chink or Energy Seal.

Used by commercial applicators, chink pump is easily wheeled around the perimeter of a home while gable ends, intricate corners and covered entrance ways remain accessible with its 25-foot applicator reinforced hose.


On/off remote switch, is compact and light weight, portable, reliable, has variable speed control, is easy to assemble and the removal of hopper and hoses is simple.


Do It Yourself

Perma-Chink's completely compatible product line and professional guidance enables you to complete any preservation, maintenance, restoration, finish or sealing project yourself.






Log Home Resource Center
P.O. Box 242776
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223

1 (800) 441-1564


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