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Going Green Books


F.E. Powell windmills and motors
This little book gives the evolution of the windmill with historical examples, then moves through anemometers and horizontal windmills to wind motors with a vertical axle and a pantanemone, simple precursor to the modern turbine.




Edited by Leonard G. Lee overshot
The design is ideally suited to small streams of variable flow and the catalog has many photos of installations as well as practical advice regarding effective use.




Hydrogen:Hot Stuff::Cool Science 2nd ed.

Rex A. Ewinghydrogen hot stuff cool science


Discover the solid science and cutting-edge technologies of hydrogen energy and fuel cells as you embark on a learning safari to the wasswestoff farm. Explore the many sources of hydrogen and the ingenious methods devised to extract it. Learn how we will use hydrogen energy and fuel cells, in our homes and buildings, vehicles and public transportation, for electricity in remote areas and backup power, and much more.

Price $25.00


Power with Nature:Alternative Energy Solutions for Homeowners 2nd ed

Rex A. Ewingpowerwithnature

Be your own power company and let Mother Nature provide the energy! By investing in affordable, new technologies, you can join the thousands of homeowners who get free electricity from the sun, wind and water. In this updated 2nd edition of Power With Nature , You'll learn how easy it is to use renewable energy to become self sufficient and live anywhere!

Price $25.00


Got Sun? Go Solar: Get free renewable energy to power your grid-tied home.

Rex A. Ewing and Doug Pratt

DescriptionGot sun go solar

Are you connected to the grid but want to reduce or even eliminate your electric bills with free energy from the sun and wind? From the sun-socked southwest to windy North Dakota to the hurricane-prone Southeast,homeowners are discovering renewable energy. Now with rebates and incentives from most states, installing a solar and/or wind system is an economically-attractive and enviromentally responsible option. Do it for your checkbook, or for independence from blackouts. Or do it just because you want to help the environment. you'll be glad you did.

Price $18.95


Crafting Log Homes Solar Style

Rex A. Ewing & LaVonne Ewingcrafting log homes solar style


A down to earth guide to building solar powered log homes, complete with how to illustrations and photos plus enlightening profiles of log home owners across the country. Follow the authors' journey of handcrafting an off the grid log home in colorado rockies and discover how renewable energy is a perfect match for modern log home living, from small weekend cabins to expansive year round homes.


Price $25.00

Building Today's Green Home:Practical, Cost Effective and Eco-responsible homebuilding

Art Smith

Description Green Home

Homebuyers and homebuilders are focusing more on 'right-sizing' their dream home instead of mortgaging their dreams away. "Today's Dream Home" targets three audiences: mid-to-late baby boomers who are down-sizing their homes (approximately 40 million); readers who are actively looking for Green building methods for their next home and retirees who are facing fixed-income concerns. The author uses both how-to and descriptive methods to guide the reader to the right home for their needs.

Price $22.99


The Smart Guide To Geothermal:How to Harvest Earth's Free Energy for Heating Geothermal&Cooling

Donal Blaise Lloyd


Discover why geothermal heat pumps are the most energy-efficient technology for heating and cooling,and how all homes-new or retrofit,in hot or cold climates-can use thi reliable,silent,non-polluting way of extracting free energy from the earth.

Price $19.95




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