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Books of Interest

Algrove Publishing
Covers an extraordinary range in its 3000 secrets. There are several hundred formulas for stains, paints, waxes, and false finishes of all types, as well as advice on tanning hides, preserving eggs, drying fruit and purifying rancis butter.



Horace Kephart
The handful of pages on building and lighting different fires for different purposes is worth the price of the book. There are chapters on provisions, utensils, fires, dressing and keeping game and fish, preparing fish and shellfish, cured meats, breadstuffs and cereals, vegetables and soup, beverages and desserts.



The Forest Products Laboratory of USDA
Starting with characteristics and availability of
commercially important wood, it lists physical and mechanical properties, lumber grading, fasteners, adhesives, composite and panel products, drying of wood, protection from fungi, bacteria and insects, wood finishing, and much more.


Understanding Wood: A Craftsman's Guide To Wood Technology

R.Bruce Hoadleyunderstanding wood

Understanding Wood answers every woodworker's question: Why does wood do what it does? Updated to include new information on composite materials, adhesives, and finishes developed in the past 20 years, this completely revised classic has everything you need to know about wood technology. R.Bruce Hoadley,reknowned wood technologist, explores the nature of wood and its properties, the basics of wood technology, and the woodworker's raw materials. You'll learn the best ways to cut, season, machine, join, bend, fasten, and finish wood, and explore the crucial interaction of wood and moisture. You'll also find the latest on wood products and where to buy them.

Price $39.95


The Backyard Lumberjack The ultimate Guide to felling, bucking, splittthe backyardlumberjacking & stacking

Frank Philbrick & Stephen Philbrick


Frank and Stephen Philbrick, enthusiastic and skilled lumberjacks, explain what it takes to bring a tree from forest to fireplace. Part hard work, part pure chain saw satisfaction, The Backyard Lumberjack is your complete guide to bringing in the wood.

Price $18.95


A Practical Guide to Bear Country Living with Bears

Linda Mastersonliving with bears


With over 900,000 black bears roaming North America today, people from Florida to British Columbia are encountering bears more often, and as a result, human-bear conflicts are on the rise. Colorado author Linda Masterson dispels myths, replaces fear with respect, and lays the foundation for improving human black bear relations with an inside look at the fascinating world of these highly intelligent, adaptable and resourceful animals

Price $20.00


We Pointed Them North recollections of a cowpuncher

E.C."Teddy Blue" Abbott and Helena Huntington Smith Drawings by Nick Eggenhofer

Descriptionwe pointed them north ec abbott

E.C. Abbott was a cowboy in the great days of the 1870s and 1880s. He came up the trail to Montana from Texas with the long horned herds that were to stock the northern ranges; he punched cows in Montana when there wasn't a fence in the territory; and he married a daughter of Granville Stuart, the famous early day stockman and Montana pioneer. For more than fifty years he was known to cowmen from Texas to Alberta as "Teddy Blue." This is his story, as told to Helena Huntington Smith, who says, "My part was to keep out of the way and not mess it up by being literary."

Price $19.95


1001 Ideas For Kitchen Organization

Joseph R. Provey


Provides advice on creating storage space and decluttering a kitchen, with information on cabinets, countertops, refrigerators and freezers, trash and recyclables, and offices and message centers.

Price $24.95



David Stilestreehouses


Great for the Dads who wants to build the perfect Treehouse for his kids.

Price: 14.95


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