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Everything you need to know about:


Bug Juice

Bug Juice
What is Bug Juice?
         It is a remarkable insecticide paint additive designed to eliminate crawling and flying insects on interior and exterior surfaces.

What kind of bugs does it kill?
         Bug Juice kills crawling and flying insects such as ants, dirt dobbers, ladybugs, wasps, spiders, crickets, mosquitoes, cockroaches, carpenter bees, and more.

What maintenance is involved?
         It is recommended that you hose off the treated surface with water twice a year to remove pollen, dust, and dirt so the insects can sense the presence of the Bug Juice through the pads on their feet.  

What type of coating can Bug Juice be mixed with?
Bug Juice can be added to any oil or latex-based paint, stain or sealant.

How much is it?
    $ 15.00 (1 gallon additive) $65.00 (5 gallons additive)


What is Spekoz?
         It is a pesticide that prevents all crawling insects from nesting and living on your home. It performs the same as Bug Juice, but it is only temporary because you don’t mix it with a coating.

How long does it last?
         Spekoz last about 90 days. You can treat approximately 4200 square feet with one quart. The mixing ratio is 1.5 oz per 1 gallon of water. This mix should cover about 200 square feet. Direct exposure to water, such as rain or a lawn sprinkler, will wash the product off.

         Spekoz controls insects from living on and invading your home. It can be applied without resealing your home as well.

How much is it?
         $39.95 pint $44.95 quart $159.95 3/4 gal



Carpenter Bee Kits

Carpenter Bee Kits

What is a Carpenter Bee Kit for?
         This kit is designed to control and stop the reproduction of the bees that are invading your log home.

What signs do I need to check for when using this kit?

  • Always look carefully for entrance holes. Check the backside of your boards and the underside of the decks and railings.
  • Look for coarse sawdust like substance below the entry hole.
  • Look for yellow, brown fecal drips on the wood.
  • Watch to see if the woodpeckers are trying to reach the larvae in the galleries and listen for the burrowing sounds from the female bee that sounds like vibrations on the wood surface.

         This kit will eliminate or at least slow down the presence of these bees. Carpenter bees don’t ingest or feed on the wood itself but tunnel only to create a nest site. These holes are damaging to your home and can allow water and other insects to get in. If left unattended wood decay is possible. When several generations of bees have shared a common site the tunnels may become branched and interconnected. You can eliminate those tunnels by using this inexpensive kit.

What is included in each kit?

  • 1 lb. of Delta Dust
  • 1 Eaton bellows duster
  • 2 feet plastic hose
  • 20 feet Backer Rod
  • 1 tube of Conceal( your choice of color)
  • 1 pair of latex gloves
  • 1 dust mask
  • Set of easy to follow directions

How much is it?
         $ 59.95 per kit

Carpenter Bee Traps

Carpenter Bee Trap

What is a Carpenter Bee Trap for?
         The wood of the Carpenter Bee Trap has been dipped in a 100% non- toxic solution that attracts the carpenter bees. They are entrance chambers for the carpenter bees to enter. The chambers of the trap have within them a non-toxic trapping agent. "Once they enter they never leave".

  • 100% environmentally safe
  • Safe for humans, pets, and plants
  • Does not require you to stain or paint your home
  • One step, easy installation
  • No measuring chemicals
  • No spray device of any kind
  • No harsh smells
  • No residues or chemicals left on wood
  • It can be cleaned out and reused year after year.

How much is it?
         Small-$29.95 Large-$39.95

Impel Rods

What are Impel Rods for?
Impel Rods are made with borate and are designed to be inserted into decaying wood or wood in high risk areas through drilled holes. And where there is decay there is an increased chance of insects that attack decaying wood such as termites, carpenter ants, and beetles. Impel Rods are an effective preservative system for the prevention and control of fungal decay in wooden structures.
1. Impel Rods can be inserted through any wood surface.
2. Impel Rods offer a long-lasting, highly concentrated, solid form of boron that slowly dissolves over time.
3. There are 3 steps to install the rods.
1) Drill appropriate sized holes to accommodate the predetermined number and size of the rod.
2.) Insert the suitable size and number of Impel Rods into the holes.
3.) Seal the holes with a treated wooded dowel, wood filler or caulk. You can paint the covering if desired.
 How much is it? $5.00 a rod (3/4 x3’’ long)


What is Borate?
         Borate is a salt that is mined by U.S. Borax. It is no more toxic than table salt. When applied to bare wood it preserves the wood against rot and decay. When an insect eats the borate it stops their ability to digest the wood. Therefore, they leave because there is no food source.

What are the benefits of Borate?

  • It is EPA approved.
  • Borate will not affect the color of wood, interfere with stain or caulk adhesion.
  • It is completely odorless.
  • When using Borate, a protective shell coating helps defend your home against dry, wet, and brown rot as well as termites, house borers, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and anything else that digest wood.

How much is it?
         $77.74(3 gallons) $127.44(6 gallons)

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Insect Control

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